The Gee Scholars program provides financial support and mentorship for select students based on academic excellence, leadership abilities, and socioeconomic needs.

The Robert S. Gee Scholars

The Robert S. Gee Scholars are selected as early as 6th grade and can be in the program through their senior year. The scholarships are based on academic excellence, leadership abilities, and socioeconomic need.

The Robert S. Gee Scholarship is named in honor of Robert S. Gee who passed away in 2004. Bob Gee was a local attorney and longtime board member of the Foundation. Prior to his death, Mr. Gee served as chairman of the scholarship committee and was instrumental in developing a new format for the scholarship. In the past, the scholarship has awarded summer camp fees to students seeking summer opportunities. Under the new guidelines of the Robert S. Gee Scholarships, teachers will nominate students for the scholarships based on academic excellence, leadership abilities, and socioeconomic need.

To better understand the new guidelines, we have developed a Question and Answer form to anticipate questions teachers and administrators may have regarding the changes. Any additional questions can be addressed to Ginny Stinson, Chairperson of the Gee Scholarship Committee, at 918-540-0813, or to the chairman of the Foundation. We want to express our appreciation for the input of the middle school and high school teachers who served on the committee to formulate the new guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The students must be in the 6th through 11th grades in the Miami Public Schools.
  2. The student must exhibit academic excellence, personal traits and potential, and have socioeconomic need.
  3. The selected scholars will be eligible for financial assistance for the upcoming summer and following academic year. (or one calendar year)

A teacher who identifies a student who meets the criteria may download and complete a Teacher Nominating Form off the web site. A teacher may nominate more than one student. The nominating teacher will then provide a Parent Support form to the student’s parents for completion by the student’s family. The completed Parent Support form will be submitted with the completed Teacher Nomination form to Mary at Central Office.

Teacher Nominating Forms are due in the spring and should be submitted to at Central Office.

A Gee Scholarship Committee comprised of Foundation members, and administrators will receive the applications and will narrow the pool of candidates to six students to be interviewed by the end of April. Interviews will be conducted and an announcement will be made regarding the selected scholars by the April membership meeting.

Appropriate requests for financial assistance include almost anything that assists the scholar in pursuing academic or extracurricular achievement related to school endeavors such as, but not limited to, band, debate, Science fair, etc.

The nominating teacher will serve as the teacher/sponsor for the nominated scholar during their tenure in the nominating teacher’s building. If the nominating teacher is unable to serve as a sponsor for the selected scholar, the committee will assist the scholar in finding a sponsor teacher.

The teacher/sponsor submits a Gee Scholarship requisition form to Central Office, and it be will forwarded to the Gee Scholarship Committee for consideration.

Selected scholars are eligible for assistance through their senior year in the Miami Public Schools. However, each student scholar must annually submit an accountability form to the Gee Scholarship Committee for evaluation. The accountability form will also be available for download on the website. The accountability form will be due annually before April 1.