The mission of the Miami Public Schools Enrichment Foundation is to create an endowment that will provide the funds to supplement and enrich the education provided by the Miami Public Schools to stimulate and challenge its students to the highest level of achievement.

Miami Public Schools Enrichment Foundation

Endeavoring to bridge the community and classroom to maximize student potential.

Community Members

The Miami Public Schools Enrichment Foundation, is a place for you to help support education through monetary donations knowing that it is enhancing our children’s future.


We provide opportunities for teachers to access and fund those non-essential, but really cool enhancements to excite your kids.


For a larger vision, the enrichment foundation can fund and perpetuate a program or experience that includes the entire school.


The Miami Public Schools Enrichment Foundation was formed in 1988, by a group of forward thinking community leaders who saw an opportunity to encourage excellence and enrich the educational experience of students in the Miami Public Schools system. Today, MPSEF is larger and stronger than ever before and continues to enhance the educational experience of all current and future Wardogs for generations to come.


As a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization, the MPSEF relies on the generous support and contributions of our members and friends to fund our projects. Funds raised for the MPSEF are handled in one of two ways:

  1. Donations for specific educational purposes will be expended strictly for those purposes
  2. Donations to the Foundation’s general fund will be held as a permanent endowment of which only the interest generated will be used for the purposes of the organizations.

Current Board Members

Becky Acupan, Chair

Kim Folks, Co-Chair

Bill Osborn, Treasurer

Mika Foster, Secretary

Kay Boman-Harvey, Member

Taylor Couch, Member

Debbie East, Member

Michelle Galan, Member

Amy Ishmael, Member

Heather Lillard, Member

Georgeann Roye, Member

Nick Highsmith, Ex-Officio

Vicki Lewis, Executive Director

Steve Owens, Honorary Member

Contact us

601 16th Ave. NW
Miami, OK 74354


[email protected]