Grant Writing Tips

Writing a Grant can be intimidating. Here are some helpful Grant Writing Tips to help you improve your chances of receiving funding to enhance the learning in your classroom or at your site.

MPSEF Grant Writing Tips

  1. Figure out what you want/need in your classroom that will “supplement and enrich” your curriculum. Will it “stimulate and challenge” your students? Read the MPSEF Goals.
  2. Read the entire grant application with special attention to the new RED information.
  3. Follow the directions.
  4. Complete a rough draft, answering all sections.
  5. Don’t try to “reinvent the wheel”. Highly paid marketing people worked on the wording in catalogs. Use their
    clear descriptions when you can.
  6. Remember who will be evaluating your grant. The evaluator may not understand all the current educational buzz words.
  7. Try to fit your completed grant on the 2 pages provided.
  8. Attach a picture when possible.
  9. Have someone else read your grant. Is it clear to them?…What are you asking for and how will the item be used
    for your students’ “highest level of achievement”?
  10. NEW Don’t forget the Technology Grant approval form needs approved by IET if your grant is technology related.
  11. Make sure your final draft is edited and to your principal on (or before)
    the deadline.

This is your opportunity to “enhance the learning process” in your classroom with innovative and creative ideas.

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